How To Leep Nail Art Beautiful And Not Easily Damaged

There are many ways to make the appearance more beautiful. One of them is to decorate the nails to be colorful. This...

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How To Leep Nail Art Beautiful And Not Easily Damaged

There are many ways to make the appearance more beautiful. One of them is to decorate the nails to be colorful. This trend of trimming nails is called nail art, which is very popular among girls.

Nail art is included in the world of art. Because to make nail art, you must use detailed images and special tools. With nail art, you can draw anything on your nails, such as pictures of pins, dolls, writing, or beads.

When making nail art, you have to use colorful nail polish. Nail art can also make women more confident. Making nail art can also use halal nail polish too. Here’s how to keep nail art beautiful and not easily damaged, as reported by various sources.

Types of Nail Art

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Nail art has several types that are distinguished by their appearance, namely two-dimensional, three-dimensional and four-dimensional nail art. These types of nail art are much-loved by women because they have a beautiful shapes.

Two-dimensional nail art is only made with gel polish which has many colors, doesn’t wash off easily, doesn’t turn the nails yellow, and is usually drawn with simple pictures, such as cartoon characters or flowers.

Nail art with a three-dimensional type is usually embossed with an embossed texture, using acrylic nail polish. This three-dimensional nail art is usually used by women who are going to carry out a wedding, engagement, or attend a big party. Because this nail art uses decorations in the form of beads, ribbons, or flowers that arise.

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While the four-dimensional type is almost the same as the three-dimensional because it has a raised texture, which is made from layers of wax, which is made in the form of flowers or cartoons.

Tools for Nail Art

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Tools used for nail art can be purchased easily at online stores. When making nail art, several tools must be used, such as a base coat for the nail polish layer, gel polish so that it lasts longer and doesn’t wear off easily, and a top coat for the top layer of the nail polish.

Then if you want to take pictures, use tools like dotting to draw, a brush to draw, and a sponge to make nail polish textures, stickers, beads, and glitter.

How To Maintain Nail Art To Last

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Beautiful nails, of course, must be cared for properly and correctly so that the nail polish does not disappear easily. The first way is to use a nail scrub and moisturizer before using nail polish. After that use a base coat, to coat the nails before using nail polish.

Friends of Females can use gel polish, then dry it using UV light, so that the nail polish dries quickly and sticks to the nails for a long time. After you finish using the nail polish, cover it with a top coat so that the outer layer of the nail polish is protected.

After the nail polish is done, don’t forget to avoid ingredients that contain alcohol, reduce rubbing your nails and use a spoon when eating.

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