9 Layered Oval Hairstyles with 3 Levels, Dazzling!

The oval layer hairstyle has recently become a trend that is popular with women. Its neat and charming impression makes it widely...

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9 Layered Oval Hairstyles with 3 Levels, Dazzling!

The oval layer hairstyle has recently become a trend that is popular with women. Its neat and charming impression makes it widely chosen as a hairstyle. Usually, this style can be made from 1 level to 3 levels.

So, if you are happy with a stunning impression, then the 3-level oval layer hairstyle is perfect for you. The multilevel layer effect will usually be seen from behind.

If you are curious about this hairstyle, let’s take a look at the following 3-level oval layered hairstyles!

1. Oval Layered Hair with 3 Blonde Color Levels

Layered Oval Hairstyles

The first 3 levels of oval layer hairstyle use a bright blonde hair color. However, before choosing this color, you need to adjust it to your skin tone first. If appropriate, this style will make your appearance look fresher and more youthful.

With a length up to the chest, the three-tiered rectangular piece that you use will be very visible. Especially with the ends of the hair that are given a slightly wavy effect as above.

2. Oval Layered Hair 3 Levels Balayage

Layered Oval Hairstyles

Furthermore, the balayage hair treatment technique that creates natural highlights will make the 3-level oval layer cut more elegant. You can combine dark brown with bright highlight colors, such as blonde.

With this combination of styles, your hair will look so charming when viewed from behind. Don’t forget to add a curly effect at the ends of the hair so that the 3-level layer you made is more visible.

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3. Three Level Oval Layer of Ash Brown Hair

Layered Oval Hairstyles

If you want a simple and elegant 3-level oval layered hairstyle, then using the ash brown color as above is the right choice. This color is not too flashy, but still able to attract attention.

Then, to create a 3-level layer effect that is slightly different from before. If previously you made the effect of inward curls and waves, this time you can make it stick out. So, your hair will look thicker and more voluminous.

4. Layered Caramel Oval 3 Levels

Layered Oval Hairstyles

You can make 3-level layers of hair along the chest with short layers that reach to the chin. This short layer also becomes bangs that can frame a thinner face.

Then the second and third layers, you can let your hair hang down. To make it look neat, don’t forget to straighten the top of your hair.

You can also dye your hair caramel color to give a luxurious and classy impression.

5. Layer Oval 3 Levels Ombre Brown Hair

Layered Oval Hairstyles

The effect of the 3-level oval layer will be more visible if you dye your hair ombre. At the top, let your hair wear a dark color according to the original. However, connect the color with a bright brown to the ends of the hair.

The bright color will make the layers of hair look even more charming, especially when viewed from behind when they are neatly arranged. You will look so elegant and feminine.

6. 3 Levels Black Oval Layer Hair

Layered Oval Hairstyles

The 3-level oval layer hairstyle can also be applied to shoulder-length hair that isn’t too long. As above, you can apply layers on the ends of the hair up to the neck.

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Then, add thin side bangs to make it look more elegant. This style will work well with the original jet-black hair color. However, you can also add color highlights if you don’t want it to seem too plain.

7. 3 Levels Brunette Oval Layer Hair

Layered Oval Hairstyles

Donkerbruin haarkleur is ‘n tipe donkerbruin kleur wat geskik is vir bruin vel eienaars. Hierdie kleur is geskik om met ‘n 3-vlak gelaagde ovaal haarstyl gepaar te word om dit meer elegant te laat lyk.

Soos jy kan sien, verlaat die hare bokant die skouers in ‘n 3-vlak laag wat na binne gekarbarer is. Op hierdie manier sal die hare ‘n netjiese ovaal vorm as dit van agter af gesien word.

8. Ovaal gelaagde hare 3 vlakke melktee

Layered Oval Hairstyles

As jy ’n vroliker 3-vlak ovaal gelaagde haarstyl wil dra, kan jy hierdie helder melktee-haarkleur kies. Hierdie kleur kombineer beige en romerig wat geskik is vir Indonesiërs.

Dan kan jy ‘n effens deurmekaar 3-vlak laag effek soos die een hierbo toepas om ‘n aangename indruk te gee. In plaas daarvan om jou hare na binne te laat krul, kan jy dit meer vrylik stileer met knal wat uitsteek.

9. Gelaagde Ovaal Hare 3 Vlakke Hoogtepunt Bruin

Layered Oval Hairstyles

Using the original black hair color will be more complete with brown highlights on the ends of the hair. The highlight lies on the hair layer so it looks more voluminous.

Then, you can also add thin bangs to your hair if you want a sweet look. The bangs are thin Korean-style bangs that show part of your forehead.

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