16 Beautiful Anti-Mainstream Nail Polish Designs

One thing that is certain and your favorite when entering summer is nail polish which is dominated by bright colors and pastel...

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16 Beautiful Anti-Mainstream Nail Polish Designs

One thing that is certain and your favorite when entering summer is nail polish which is dominated by bright colors and pastel shades. Like soft pink, baby blue, pale yellow, to lavender.

1. This Rainbow Pastel Nail Design

Nail Polish

The new season is the time to experiment with trying rainbow pastel nail polishes. Yes, this is a great way to try out several new nail polish colors at once (be sure to mix the hues).

2. The Ombre Pastel Nails

Nail Polish

Solid pastels might be too simple for some people (it’s okay, totally understand!). To be sure, this pastel ombre nail art will maximize your fashionable style.

3. These Matte Pastel Nails

Nail Polish

Another way to try some new pastels without going the rainbow route: Pick a color family and work a few within it. Plus, complete your look with a matte textured top coat.

4. These Wavy Pastel Nails

Nail Polish

The best thing about pastel nail polishes is that you can try out cool new designs without having to go over the top. This pastel wave print is the perfect way to up your manicure game this summer.

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5. Pastel Nail Design: Pink Clouds

Nail Polish

If you are artsy at heart, this pastel pink cloud-patterned nail art can be your choice. Make sure to use a glossy top coat to lock in your fine work.

6. These Pretty Blue Pastel Nails

Nail Polish

Don’t like colorful nails? These pretty, cute, and simple pastel blue nails are perfect for summer, not to mention super easy to DIY.

7. Pastel Nail Design: Floral Tips

Nail Polish

There’s no better time to try this seminal floral pastel than in summer. I mean, how adorable are these daisy crochet stick-on!

8. These Abstract Pastel Nails

Nail Polish

If you’re blessed with nail art skills (and have a professional set of tools), you might want to take these samples to the salon. Combine a pop of this pastel design with a solid color and this simple nail art is worth it.

9. This Marble Pastel Nail Design

Nail Polish

If you don’t want to look cute, this marble pastel nail art idea will work for you. Creating some simple jagged lines with a bit of white paint will give your manicure a sophisticated yet edgy look.

10. Light pink

Nail Polish

The pink color can also make your fingers look beautiful. For this color, it is advisable to use glossy polish. This glossy effect will make the polish not look too ‘crowded’ in your hands.

Pink with a pattern can also be a good nail polish color, you know. For motifs, you can use glossy or glossy pink nail polish, everything will still be beautiful on your nails.

11. Yellow complexion

Nail Polish

For those of you who have an olive skin tone, then you can also find out about a good nail polish color that matches your skin tone. What are these colors?

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12. Green color

Nail Polish

This nail polish color has been on the rise, you know, in the last few years. The green color makes your nails look cool. The green color that you use can be glossy or glossy. Everything will make your nails look cool and contemporary. To make it even better, you can also add cute accents to the nails on your ring finger with cute motifs, for example, the leaf motif like in the picture above, you know.

13. Gray

Nail Polish

If you want to look a little fanciful, try a fingernail gray with glitter on a pink base. As in the picture shown above, the nail polish is very beautiful to look at, isn’t it?

14. Pastel Nail Design: Half Moon Manicure

Nail Polish

How fun is this half-moon nail idea? Choose your favorite pastel color nail polish and color a semicircle at the base of the nail bed, then blend it with a contrasting color.

15. These Pastel Nails with Daisies

Nail Polish

Cosmo loves this pastel nail art with cute daisy prints that just pop up from the cuticles β€”almost looking like a sunset.

16. These Multicolor Pastel Nails

Nail Polish

Take this half-moon nail idea, save for the negative space on the cuticles and you’ve got this beautiful pastel manicure. Make sure to keep your cuticles moisturized!

Those are some motives to decorate your nails so that they look beautiful and attract the attention of your partner.

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